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Website Design Brief

General Information
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Business Information
Business Name:
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Website Information
Please provide your logo:
Do you have an existing website?
If yes, what is your current domain?
Where did you purchase your domain? (ex. GoDaddy, Bluehost, 1&1, etc.) Please also provide the username and password if you already own your domain:
List any websites you really like that our team can draw inspiration from (please describe what you like about them):
Briefly describe your target audience and the primary action you would like them to take on your website such as making a purchase, scheduling an appointment, or listening/downloading content:
Please describe the services you provide:

Requested Information
Do you need ecommerce on your website? ( (Selling products, or services for purchase through your website)

Additional Information
Please provide any additional information you would like us to know about your business?